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In Conversation With Tones

It’s not fall yet, but the skies, the wind and the earth have been speaking to me lately.

And my inner laziness, demands that I pick outfits that would last me through my office hours, well into my evening hours when I meet my fellas and ladies. My colours, the mood, the tone is so there… Time for a wardrobe spring cleaning and get my earthy and blush tones out!

Mosh. x

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How To Be Cool In Suits: Summer Edition

Styling them boss ladies and gentlemen.

It’s hot as hell people, but some of us have to suit up regardless of how nasty the Mumbai heat is (and I’m guessing other cities are also fed up). It’s a mind-boggling thing to have to layer up in hot weather when the thing you most want to do is shed all layers and blast the air conditioning on. But believe it or not, stylists worldwide (including myself) have some great tips on how to dress cool for summers in your suits. Here is my top 6 must follow Styling Tips for Suits in Summers!

ONE: Shed the lining. Your blazers can do without the extra layer of polyester lining that does not help in allowing your body to breathe air or help dry off sweat. On a general level, stay away from polyester kind of fabrics.

TWO: Cotton or Linen fabrics are your BFFs. Pick up a few suits in cotton, linen or even seersuckers. They are your well-wishers during summers and help you stay cool!

THREE: Unbutton the collar. Helps you travel in peace and not feel suffocated in an already suffocating weather. Or swap your shirts with t-shirts which makes your layering even more breathable!

FOUR: Swap them brogues and oxfords for loafers, espadrilles and sneakers. They are cooler, add value and style quotient to your summer outfits and look smart as well. A little fun never lets your outfit down, I swear!

FIVE: Shades on. Protect your eyes at all costs! Invest in a good pair of sunnies or glasses that protect you from 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light. This includes those labeled as “UV 400,” which blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

SIX: Minimal waterproof make-up. Unless you want to look like one of Picaso’s paintings when you first arrive at your office/college, waterproof make-up is not just for the beach vacays. It’s good for the summers too! And keep your skin moist and supple with hydrating products, and drinking lots of water!

I got mine from Zara, a striped blazer, and it’s feather light! The fabric, the overall weight! It’s great to fold and carry while commuting because it doesn’t crease that easily, and super comfy to wear in the office afterwards. Plus, I received a lot of compliments from my colleagues about it, so that makes it better too! :P

So don’t be afraid and suit up!

Mosh. x

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#StyledByMosh – Rust

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice!

Of all the “seasonal” colour palettes, the autumn colour palette, is the most elegant and sophisticated. As the bright Sun fades to Autumn and transforms to it’s full glory, you get a colour palette that is rich, expensive and comfortable – classic, yea? Even the coldest of hearts can melt into rich, gooey chocolatey or caramel-ly goodness upon wearing these colours! Doesn’t the image below look good enough to eat? The one in the centre looks like hot bhaji (of the pav)… me thinks…

Prattling aside, that bhaji colour happens to be my current favourite this year – (formally known as) RUST. For my outfit, I’m wearing a rust coloured tank top from Forever 21, olive green deconstructed pants from Zara, leather boots from Koovs, and a mustard yellow scarf worn as a turban (fall appropriate too).


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#StyledByMosh – Bubblegum Pink On Legs

Legs for days.

Even though this is a post about what colours go really well with bubblegum pink, I can’t not mention my two absolute favourite pieces to wear at all times – The Hot Pants & The Mini.

I have a feeling that both men and women would agree with me when I say that the mini skirt and the hot pants were the greatest gift to this world by Mary Quant, who was one of the most ground-shattering designers in The Swinging London of the 60s. Why both men and women? Because it’s easy to wear, allows movement and works best in warmer climates! In addition, they do look sexy on all (yes, I’m including shorts for men too in this statement)!

Mary Quant and her mini

Since the 60s, the love for mini skirt or hot pants hasn’t diminished, and has only been a classic inspiration for designers and consumers alike!

As for my outfits, I am wearing the new Adidas Originals diamond embossed crop top with a burgundy high-waisted velvet hot pants from as well as a printed skort (shorts that look like skirts) from Globus. For shoes, I’m wearing my favourite Bata Canvas shoes (check out my cool DIY with them and feel super nostalgic). Even if I was a fitted or a flared mini skirt skirt, the crop top would have looked really rad regardless of the silhouette but what’s noteworthy here is that the colour combination of bubblegum pink with purple tones and burgundy seems to gel really well! My preference would tip towards the deep burgundy because of its really rich velvety texture that goes well with the diamond embossing pattern on the top.

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#Fabspiration – Cyberpunk Inspired DIYs

5 things you can DIY using only a pair of scissors.

Just take a glance, and revamp those boring sweatshirts, sweatpants, tops and t-shirts you have been ignoring in your wardrobe, only by strategically placed cuts!


I might do a couple of these soon… Which one will you pick first? Aye, show me when you do them!

Mosh. x

PS: Do It Yourself movement itself is a topic close to my heart. Moving away from the rampant consumerism that is gripping our sense of who we truly want to be, DIY is a way to find that hobby you have been meaning to pick up, to get away from your daily routine. DIY, is something every individual can adopt to save the planet’s resources by reusing and recycling. DIY gives you a sense of accomplishment, a sense of entitlement even, to something that you have made, and has your signature. It’s a personal thing, and yet everyone benefits from it. Just a little love note, from me to you! Happy DIY-ing!

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#OnTrend // Cyberpunk – That Sneaky Little Fashion Trend

The power of clothing as symbols in cultures.

Clothing, an important aspect of our life (and the single most important thing in my life really), has an incredible ability to personify someone, change their personality in a switch of garments even holding the power to embolden them or otherwise; which is why the costume department is one of the most important aspects of the entertainment industry, in my opinion. Be it Dany and her Dragon necklaces on luxurious gowns, or Michael Jackson and his Thriller red jacket – they have all headed down the road to becoming iconic, and become a subculture in themselves. That is the power in dressing.

And that’s how cyberpunk also evolved from being a genre (while it was only written on paper in works of fiction) to a subculture (when the entertainment industry gave it a “look” and slowly made it a part of pop culture).

Cyberpunks – High tech. Low life.

Snippet from The Last Night video game.

Imagine a scene… dystopian, anti-authoritarian, futuristic, brand/label-averse, tech-literate…

Voila! You have the quintessential cyberpunk in your mind’s eye.

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that features advanced science and technology in an urban, dystopian future.  On one side you have powerful mega-corporations and private security forces, and on the other you have the dark and gritty underworld of illegal trade, gangs, drugs, and vice.  In between all of this is politics, corruption, and social upheaval. Cyberpunk is also a culture with attitude and a distinct style.  Anti-authoritarian, brand-averse, tech-literate; these are just some of the qualities you may find in a cyberpunk.”

This has been one of the more favourite sub-categories in sci-fi/thriller novels, movies and pop culture in general, in terms of fashion. It’s hard to pull off a raggedy look, striking the perfect balance between “unkempt” and “aesthetic.”

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#StyledByMosh – Nets

After casting the net, far and wide onto my wardrobe…

… this is by far the boldest way to wear them grid nets right now!

Having said that, even if netted fabrics can come in a wide variety of range, the big square, fishnets are my current favourites!

Just. Like. In. This. Post.

For my outfit, I wore my sheer netted pullover (Amaranthine) with a netted flared midi skirt (Milan), a black beret (H&M), silver reflector round sunglasses (Tiger) and some floral hosiery (Forever 21) to pair with my brown suede block heels (Aldo).

Here are some more images of me flaunting my super chic-in-black outfit!

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