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#StyledByMosh – Stripes

Wear those stripy clothes with pride!

Yea, I just semi-quoted one of the lines from the best letter ever written to anyone! (It’s from Me Before You, by the way).

Having said that, if you do not know that stripes (be it breton, barcode, pinstripes, candy stripes, shadow stripes or awning ones) have been the hottest trends for the last 4 seasons, then I’d really like to know where you have been living, because that level hermitage is enviable, and sometimes, needed.

I remember the first time I fell in love with stripes was when I was in fashion school, learning about the greatest minds in the business of fashion, and stripes happened to be associated with Coco Chanel first, and then Jean Paul Gaultier and his love for everything nautical!

Coco Chanel (left) and Jean Paul Gaultier

For my outfits, I sought to create an outfit that would be semi-casual, easy to wear and keep you comfortable all day long. Pairing my stripy top (Zara) with either a pinstripe blazer or woven grey jacket with a pair of jeans (Nuon) and ballet flats (Head Over Heels), my backpack (Zara) filled with my essentials would have me ready to face the day and hustle, even if I have to commute within the city to get to places.

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Hero No. 1 – Picture Ke Kapde = Trending Looks

Hey y’all!

If you’re here on this post, I’m guessing you’ve already watched the fashion movie review of Hero No. 1 now on my Youtube channel or on my Facebook page. If you haven’t yet watched it, I shall link the super short, 6 min video here for you, as a preview to this post. Enjoy!

Now. Let’s begin our trend hunting, shall we? In this post you can find all the twelve looks reviewed in the video along with their links. I apologise for the poor resolution of the screengrabs of the looks from the movie, but the original movie on YouTube had poor resolutions as well so…

Anyway, click on the links below each look to get your favourite trending item!

Look 1.

Denim Skirt

Lavendar Shirt



Look 2.





Look 3.


Crop top


Look 4.



Look 5.



Look 6.



Look 7.

Striped top




Look 8.




Look 9.



Look 10.


High-waisted shorts

Look 11.



Look 12.

Floral Top


White crop top

So that’s the 12 best looks from Hero No. 1! Which one was your favourite? Also, if any of them don’t work, let know and I shall edit them for you!

Mosh. x

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#StyledByMosh – Sunny Yellow

I got a pocketful, pocketful of sunshine!

Nothing drives away the monsoon gloom here in Mumbai like bright yellows, I say!

And what I preach is what I do, so… *gulps*

After a shopping spree at Zara and a dangerously low current bank balance, one of the things that I purchased was this lovely, cozy, oversized t-shirt.

Going for the effortless way to style it, I’m simply wearing jeans (Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren), a pair of sneakers with leather detail (Charles & Keith), a pair of Lennons (Propshop24), with a rad turban headscarf (somewhere in Hill Road, Mumbai) because I need to be hassle-free during this monsoon-y week, and that includes controlling that frizz underneath those wrapped layers of scarf fabric. With it all, I’d love to carry around a cute little bucket sling bag, in tan colour. Balances the denim blues and sunny yellows too well!

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4 Marketing Lessons To Learn From The Evolution Of #RedCarpet Events

ATTN: Brands, Event Companies, PR Agencies…

The discussion in this article started as a fan-girling session with a friend of mine on Instagram during CFDA 2017 and Bulgari party in Venice, since Bella Hadid was matching with the backdrop of such events, making the images look like they’re straight out of a magazine. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like PR events have improved quite a lot in the last decade, and I decided to decode every improvement I could notice.

Most importantly, I noticed 4 things PR companies and brands have been doing differently during the last decade, and they are:

1. Lighting matters.

It’s not right, without light.

Although Rihanna and Mary-Kate Olsen’s style has only aged like fine wine during the last decade, the images from MET Gala 2007 are just horrible. Poor lighting, (shudder-worthy) flash photography, and god bless your PR team if they made you wear black back then like they did with Mary-Kate, because we mortal souls can’t see shit. RiRi was a lucky gal she wore white, but I can’t make out what’s going on with her hair.

Source: Getty Images

Present day: TADA! Bright carpeting, beautiful lighting even though everyone is still using flash photography, but at least I can see what’s going on with RiRi’s CDG look and Liu Wen’s Off-White look.

Lesson: LIGHT IT UP!

Source: Getty Images

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How To Wear Tie-Dye Without Being Too Festive

1 | Punk Princess.

Achieve this look by matching your tie-dye top with a pair of leather pants, statement earrings, choker, sneakers and a smart / sports watch.

2 | Pretty Powerful.

Slay a military-inspired look unprecedentedly with a tie-dye top that goes with a military green skirt, layered necklaces, baseball cap, a pair of sunnies, a watch and some tie-up block heels.

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29 Looks To Copy From The Zendaya Style File

She’s a freaking Fashion Goddess and you should add to your list of #OOTD inspirations. I shall say no more, and here we go with my 29 most fav looks ever, from The Zendaya Style File.

1. That rad grey off-shoulder heavy knit sweater

2. That avant garde cold-shoulder dress

3. That chic satin slit dress you just want to slip on in this heat

4.  Whoever but Zendaya cold have rocked those beautiful dreadlocks to the Oscars red-carpet in that goddess like gown?

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15 Fantastic Things I Understand As I Turn 25

I read this article shortly before writing this post, which I found to be 100% relatable, but it so happens, that with every point, my mind just wandered and before I knew it, there were essays forming in my head about each point. Read on, because I think a lot of you might agree…

1. I find that the only drama in my life is on television.

There are a lot of toxic, dramatic and negative people in the world. I find their insatiable need to have drama, heartbreaks, and quarrels, extremely¬†draining. It’s been a while since I¬†realized that I¬†really don‚Äôt have time for all that and I have cut them out of my¬†life. The only drama that is in my¬†life now is on TV while I am¬†having dinner.

2. I’m great¬†with change.

Nothing is ever set in stone and I’m totally¬†okay with it. Growth and change go hand-in-hand after all.

“We all have changed our minds on who we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to look like and where we want to live. Someone once said ‚Äúlife is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.‚ÄĚ There is no set road map to my¬†life and I¬†have gotten over that.”

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