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How To Wear Tie-Dye Without Being Too Festive

1 | Punk Princess.

Achieve this look by matching your tie-dye top with a pair of leather pants, statement earrings, choker, sneakers and a smart / sports watch.

2 | Pretty Powerful.

Slay a military-inspired look unprecedentedly with a tie-dye top that goes with a military green skirt, layered necklaces, baseball cap, a pair of sunnies, a watch and some tie-up block heels.

3 | The New Girl.

“Easy, breezy, covergirl” sorta look, wear tie-dye as a chic minimal ombre maxi dress, minimal rings, aviators, a quirky sling to go with equally quirky slip-ons.

4 | Into The Light.

Wear grey monochromatic tie-dye look with a pleated skirt, a watch, stud earrings, bangles and block heeled sandals.

5 | Street Smart.

Wear tie-dye palazzos with a tshirt, long vest, clear frame glasses and converse to become street smart.

6 | Gypsy Rose.

Make a dramatic appearance with a flared sleeve tie-dye top paired with a printed mermaid skirt, a turban, a waistband chain, drop earrings, basket weave bag and frilly heels.

These 6 looks definitely make a tie-dye print wearable outside of Coachella, so I’d say that it’s a #MissionAccomplished.

Mosh. x

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29 Looks To Copy From The Zendaya Style File

She’s a freaking Fashion Goddess and you should add to your list of #OOTD inspirations. I shall say no more, and here we go with my 29 most fav looks ever, from The Zendaya Style File.

1. That rad grey off-shoulder heavy knit sweater

2. That avant garde cold-shoulder dress

3. That chic satin slit dress you just want to slip on in this heat

4.  Whoever but Zendaya cold have rocked those beautiful dreadlocks to the Oscars red-carpet in that goddess like gown?

5. That blush tone of the sweat-dress with spotless white sneakers

6. The SEXIEST salmon-toned crop-top and maxi skirt co-ordinates eva!

7. That way-too-hot-to-be-true siren red jumpsuit

8. That beautiful wine-red three-tiered gown

9. The effortless manner she pulls off a purple boot-cut pants

10. That gorgeous off-shoulder floral dress

11. That M-slit midi skirt and halter-neck top combination

12. That royal blue she worked with a delicate lace number

13. And who can beat that double denim outfit that involves a pair of dungarees and an orange lip?

14. That faux mohawk she pulled off with an elegant mixed print midi dress

15. This is the ultimate hippie chic look of all times!

16. The colour block of her trench coat is to die for!

17. Once again she pulls off two bright colours (mustard yellow and purple) like it’s the most normal thing to do

18. When she turned up looking like a wood-nymph in this Zuhair Murad number

19. She wears military green in the right way – chic athleisure way

20. When she works a camouflage look like a total cutie

21. When her #DailyCool is your #DailyGoals

22. When she outdoes Blair Waldorf in a Blair Waldorf outfit!

23. When she wore a transparent skirt, and nobody even batted an eyelid

24. When her tomboy looks are bang-on!

25. Read number 24, AH-GAINNN!

26. When being a skater girl never looked so fresh!

27. She does athleisure right, ALL-THE-TIME

28. What did I say in number 27?

29. Saving the best for the last – culottes jumpsuit given a badass interpretation in leather, all the while still seeming classy!

Check out her other looks, make-up and even hair inspiration on my Pinterest board that I spend ages curating! Trust me, you will fall more in love with her the more you see her fashion sense, because

Zendeya Coleman = Vanessa Hudgens + Selena Gomez + Olivia Palermo + Victoria Beckham. 

How can you not love her?!

Have fun!

Mosh. x


15 Fantastic Things I Understand As I Turn 25

I read this article shortly before writing this post, which I found to be 100% relatable, but it so happens, that with every point, my mind just wandered and before I knew it, there were essays forming in my head about each point. Read on, because I think a lot of you might agree…

1. I find that the only drama in my life is on television.

There are a lot of toxic, dramatic and negative people in the world. I find their insatiable need to have drama, heartbreaks, and quarrels, extremely¬†draining. It’s been a while since I¬†realized that I¬†really don‚Äôt have time for all that and I have cut them out of my¬†life. The only drama that is in my¬†life now is on TV while I am¬†having dinner.

2. I’m great¬†with change.

Nothing is ever set in stone and I’m totally¬†okay with it. Growth and change go hand-in-hand after all.

“We all have changed our minds on who we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to look like and where we want to live. Someone once said ‚Äúlife is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.‚ÄĚ There is no set road map to my¬†life and I¬†have gotten over that.”

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Demons In The Head

It starts with an increasing sensitivity to the slightest of criticisms. Gradually, these criticisms sink in, deeper into the skin, till they become a part of your identity, taking the shape of insecurities. Then, enter the vicious circle, where with every insecurity forming, more criticisms are taken to heart, and who you are becomes more distorted, more deformed. Every slight, every insult stays right there in your skin like scars; never fading, always ugly.

They don’t go away, when you try to get rid of them.

They won’t go away.

Unless someone else intervenes, and makes you believe in your beautiful self again; that you can shed this skin so full of scars.

Life, at it’s happiest, is¬†about how many accolades you have accumulated, how many friends you have (and trust), how much wealth you have, how you have made someone else believe and love themselves.

Life, at it’s worst, is this – all of your peaks of successes have turned to invisible dust; friends who try to love you but have stopped understanding you; wealth doesn’t seem to matter; nobody, and least of all, you cease to believe in yourself.

That’s what you’re really left with at the end of your worst¬†day.

So, don’t assume someone had it easy in their life. Maybe that was true, once upon a time, when happiness blinded them.

Life’s become about battling your demons every day, going to bed feeling relieved they haven’t taken control over you and your everyday actions.

Today, there are flowers on the head, and demons in the head.


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Mosh Book Review – The Secret Of The Druids

The Secret Of The Druids by Christopher C. Doyle

The Secret Of The Druids by Christopher C. Doyle

I had to pick this up. After having read his previous books (with the exception of The Mahabharata Secret), once I pick up a book series, I have to know how it goes on. Here’s a snippet of the review, mainly discussing the plot, writing style and characters, my overall opinion and especially recommended age. The actual review is¬†here on my goodreads account along with other books’ reviews.

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How To Pack For Goa

Sun. Sand. Sea.

If you’re an Indian, there’s only place you’d think of instantly that is synonymous to these three words: GOA.

A fun weekend destination for Mumbaikars, all of Goa never loses its appeal to all tourists who come here to relax in the cool, sunny beaches while lounging in shacks, having the best seafood food ever!

Home to Portuguese culture, colourful houses, and tones of palm/coconut trees, the dwindling green roads of Goa are a breath of fresh air after coming from a stuffy city life in Mumbai.

Therefore, keeping the destination in mind, here’s a little guide as to what clothes I packed¬†for Goa (sans the swimsuits, since I did none of the swimming one must do).



Images here in this collage are not exactly from the same brand as mentioned below and are only used for illustration purposes

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Trending – The Lace Jacket

It’s the season of layering! Fishing out all of my favourite fall-wear, one of them is the Lace Jacket. Perfect for the fall season, the not too cool nor too hot season, and just right for the humid Mumbai, the Lace Jacket is my favourite piece to layer this season. Be it patches of lace, or sleeves or even a whole cardigan made of it, there is something very sensual about the lace jacket.


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