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How To Pack For Study Abroad – (Free Printable Checklist Inside!)

Hey y’all!

With an unsurmountable amount of happiness in my heart, I’m out here, declaring that I have been accepted to the only college I applied to for my further studies! I’m sincerely enjoying the fruits of my labour now, and that’s probably why my posting schedule has been a bit lax as well. I’m really sorry for not updating you guys with my DIY projects that I already have done but didn’t get the opportunity to post it! Will be rectifying the situation soon enough… *grins*

Anyway, now that I’m back on blogosphere, today’s blog post shall be interesting one since it’s the very first of its kind: LIFE ADVICE (of sorts!)


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Do It Yourself – Burberry Inspired Shoes


Hey y’all!

Posting this week’s DIY for you guys, I’m in the mood for keeping all of my heels aside, and make something funky (and comfortable) for my feet.

Thanks to the tremendous database of and their daily inspirations, I was back to browsing the collections of one of my favourite brands, Burberry, when I came across these wonderful shoes!

Colourful, playful and slightly on the bonkers’ side, these sneakers from Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 are just the right kind of accessory I need in my wardrobe. Funny that they cost a whooping (amount) (well, not really that funny), which sort of made my wallet very sad.

Thus, I decided to do this: Do It Myself.

Yes. The steps to making this are very easy and the materials you need to make these are also very inexpensive (perfect ingredients for any fabulous DIY really!) and they hardly take an hour to make.

So read on to find how easy and fun this DIY is!


Yes. That’s it. Literally a one-Step method to doing this DIY.

And now, I’d love to see you guys give this DIY a try. Don’t forget to tell me all about it, and maybe send a few snaps?


– Mosh. x

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Lavie Bags + 3 Ways To Style It = GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

Hey y’all!

I’m taking a break from the Jewellery organising DIYs and making today’s post is exciting for both me and you because:

1. I’ll be reviewing a chic, gorgeous looking bag from Lavie’s Sunkissed collection.

2. I’ll be showing three different ways to style it.

3. I’ll be having a GIVEAWAY contest for you guys on this post!

So here is the bag from Lavie and how I style it for three different outfits.




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Do It Yourself – Floral Crop Shirt




Hey y’all!

I promise this is the last of my Compulsive Floral DIY Syndrome… Really.


But I swear to you when I say that I saved the best for the last!

Florals in button up shirts in a way that’s never been seen before, THAT HAS TO BE THE BEST DIY PROJECT SO FAR.

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Mosh Review – NotJusTiaras Jewellery

Hey y’all!

Yesterday’s Mosh Wear post was uber amazing wasn’t it? And since when were crop tops not cool? *nods* Exactly.

Yesterday’s post was cooler also because I recently bought some jewellery from NotJusTiaras and was amazed by their collection, the price and the quality! Do take a look below!

The statement necklace, the star earrings, the intertwined bronze and copper plated bracelet and (my fav!) the gorgeous and delicate earcuffs: They all are so amazing, I can’t wait to show them off (other than this post, that is!)






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Mosh Wear – The Floral Headband

Hey y’all!

I don’t think I’ll stop gushing about just how amazing everything floral is! It’s going to happen at least for this month.

And on such days when I’m all excited about spring time, I like to spruce up my outfit with a bit of my rebellious personality. Forget skirts and tops that would probably go very well with the outfit.

I’m talking cropped button-up shirts, floral printed pants, heels, rings (knuckle ones too) and the mega amazing DIY Floral Headband.




The outfit comprises of DIY Crop Shirt (the one where I got my tailor to crop it short and used hot glue gun to stick the felt flowers I got from Hobby Ideas) floral pants from UNI QLO, and a mini sling bag from the street shops.




Leave your opinion regarding this outfit and especially let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Here are the elements that make up the outfit and you can view the details on my Polyvore account.


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.11.03 pm


– Mosh. x


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