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Do It Yourself – Sash Belt

Since 2015, I’ve been thinking to post about this Marni Spring/Summer 2015 inspired sash that I made (rather, designed and then proceeded to harass my tailor wale bhaiya to stitch it up because I don’t own a sewing machine… yet). But, unfortunately, due to studies, lack of time to blog/write, I was only able to publish this today.

So let’s go back in time to 2o15, shall we?

Specifically to the time when Marni showcased their Spring/Summer collection. The collection on the whole seemed to be inspired by Japanese sensibilities and aesthetics that included minimalism, organisation, structure, textures and even costume (the Kimono) out of many other elements. My favourite thing about the collection was the black and white graphic way of styling the garments, the use of peach/rose pink with jet black colour and that beautiful sash (both black and white)!


The sash itself was quite basic, but I loved how it was accessorised with dresses, pants and tunics. Versatile piece? Well, that I’d completely love.


How To Make The Sash?

Well, I bought some muslin and some lace, and rushed over to my tailor’s to get it stitched. He first made the base sash with a curved end, and then sewed on the lace onto it for the pattern that I wanted. You can play with different colours, but for me, black lace on off-white base works wonders for me, and goes with a lot of colours too!


And then wear it like the pro fashionista you are!


The sash in itself might seem like a complicated accessory because it’s long, not used very often, and the above shown collage just shows one way to style it, which could make you go like “eh, why should I make something when I can only wear it in one way?”

Worry not folks! Mosh is here to save the day! Soon I’ll demonstrate the 3 unique ways you can wear your sash and parade around like a fabulous diva!

Till then, stay tuned!

Pictures Courtesy: Viraj

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Do It Yourself – Burberry Inspired Shoes


Hey y’all!

Posting this week’s DIY for you guys, I’m in the mood for keeping all of my heels aside, and make something funky (and comfortable) for my feet.

Thanks to the tremendous database of and their daily inspirations, I was back to browsing the collections of one of my favourite brands, Burberry, when I came across these wonderful shoes!

Colourful, playful and slightly on the bonkers’ side, these sneakers from Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 are just the right kind of accessory I need in my wardrobe. Funny that they cost a whooping (amount) (well, not really that funny), which sort of made my wallet very sad.

Thus, I decided to do this: Do It Myself.

Yes. The steps to making this are very easy and the materials you need to make these are also very inexpensive (perfect ingredients for any fabulous DIY really!) and they hardly take an hour to make.

So read on to find how easy and fun this DIY is!


Yes. That’s it. Literally a one-Step method to doing this DIY.

And now, I’d love to see you guys give this DIY a try. Don’t forget to tell me all about it, and maybe send a few snaps?


– Mosh. x

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Mosh Wear – The Floral Headband

Hey y’all!

I don’t think I’ll stop gushing about just how amazing everything floral is! It’s going to happen at least for this month.

And on such days when I’m all excited about spring time, I like to spruce up my outfit with a bit of my rebellious personality. Forget skirts and tops that would probably go very well with the outfit.

I’m talking cropped button-up shirts, floral printed pants, heels, rings (knuckle ones too) and the mega amazing DIY Floral Headband.




The outfit comprises of DIY Crop Shirt (the one where I got my tailor to crop it short and used hot glue gun to stick the felt flowers I got from Hobby Ideas) floral pants from UNI QLO, and a mini sling bag from the street shops.




Leave your opinion regarding this outfit and especially let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Here are the elements that make up the outfit and you can view the details on my Polyvore account.


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.11.03 pm


– Mosh. x


All images (except for the outfit collage at the bottom) are properties of M By Mosh. Please use permission if you want to use them. Contact for more info.

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Do It Yourself – The Floral Headband



Hey y’all!

“Florals. For Spring. Groundbreaking.”

Miranda Priestley’s sarcasm was probably lost on me when this DIY came to my mind!

But I don’t care at all because FLORALS!

Florals in tops, skirts, pants, accessories, as embellishments…. the list is an exhaustive one because I really do love them that much.

This DIY is the one I’ve been dying to do for a year, but couldn’t because… well… let’s just blame procrastination and be done with it! The floral headbands are still amazing to look at, wear and even gift people. I’ll be sure to make more for my friends who love floral crowns.

Want to make one for yourself and your friends? Oh. Here’s an idea! The BFF Floral Headband! Make the same for yourself and your friend and wear it proudly wherever you go!

So, here are the instructions to make it.


Post Template


Any thoughts? Because I’m most eager to hear them out!

– Mosh. x

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Easy Do It Yourself Solutions – 6 Last Minute Gifts

Hey y’all!

This post is dedicated to all those people who are panicking now, because of NO GIFTS FOR LOVED ONES!

Hahaha. No worries. Mosh is here. Mosh has an awesome line-up of last minute DIY gifts you can make for you friends, family and loved ones. Most of these DIYs are unisex, so you don’t have to worry about Gifts for Him/Her.

1. These couple mugs are so cool! With a few Sharpie pens, you’re good to doodle on it! The original website has even more ideas, but my favourite is this one, which is simply so adorbs. Not to mention, for me, who is definitely not a morning person, this puts a smile on my face easily and is definitely on my To Craft List. I’ve got your heart on my sights…




2. This couple pillow set is originally found on Etsy by a South African shop Zana (website link here), but I really think it can be quite the DIY craft if you have a good hand and some fabric pant.




3. For the bookworms, perfectionists, creative souls or simply stationery lovers that need notebooks, this is a wonderful and thoughtful DIY for them. Not to mention easy. I first saw this on Buzzfeed, and then I went on to check the original site for the step-by-step instructions.




4. Did I ever mention what a big source of inspiration Craft Gawker is in my life?! And now I’m posting one of my favourite unisex DIYs for all days and occasions, The Chinese Coin Bracelets. For your fashionable loved ones who like minimalism, this is the perfect gift!




5. We have covered the minimalists fashionistas, now we come to those people who like a bit of drama in their style. The perfect unisexual present: The Bow. Ridiculously easy to make, present it as a bow tie, or a bow hair clip, or a bow head hand, or a bow brooch, this DIY has quite a few ways you can make it and make the special people in your life happy!




6. Finally, we have our very own, DIY – The BFF Tshirt. Best used for all! Parents, friends, BFFs, boyfriends – girlfriends, even your pets.





Disclaimer: Except for the DIY – The BFF Tshirt, all other DIY projects belong to the owners of such creativity. I’m just sharing their brilliance. And probably will be doing some of them, since I’m pretty late and out of town. 

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Do It Yourself – Garter

Hey y’all!

Super easy, super fab, super sexy and super quick DIY for you: Garter!

Post Template

Do it yourself, this DIY, and show me what you got!

Lots of love and live fashionably!

– Mosh. x

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Do It Yourself – Body Harness

Hey y’all!

Super hot! Super fab! Super sexy! Super easy and quick DIY for you: Body Harness!

Post Template

You can wear it with your tank tops or even t-shirts for casual edgy look or even dresses to transform your evening elegance into avant-garde elegance! And this is an epic transformation of your outfit!

Do it yourself, this DIY, and get that sexy look!

Lots of love and live fashionably!

– Mosh. x