Mosh Wear – Painted Neck Embelishment

Hey y’all!

It’s time to reveal the outfit details for yesterday’s DIY!


Oh, the top looksย gorgeous,ย doesn’t it? Well, so does my model, in fact, with that boho headband. You can add more accessories like bracelets to make the outfit more dynamic. As for to wear something with the top, it can range from shorts, to jeans, to skirts! Just about anything that makes you comfortable!


I hope you liked it!

Love you all and live fashionably!

– Mosh. x

DIY Apparel

Do It Yourself – Shoulder Chain

Hey y’all!

So, here is the DIY you have been waiting for, Shoulder Chain Top! Follow the easy steps as mentioned below to see great revamp results to your top!

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Isn’t it just so easy, quick and fabulous?

Live fashionably!

– Mosh. x