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Do It Yourself – Floral Crop Shirt




Hey y’all!

I promise this is the last of my Compulsive Floral DIY Syndrome… Really.


But I swear to you when I say that I saved the best for the last!

Florals in button up shirts in a way that’s never been seen before, THAT HAS TO BE THE BEST DIY PROJECT SO FAR.

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Fabspiration – Floral Crop Shirt


Hey y’all!

It’s the season of flowers blooming in your backyard, making everything smell fresh and earthy and the best way to announce that Spring has arrived right on time. Just like last week, with The DIY Floral Headpiece, this week shall also involve a bit of flowers. What can I say? I’m currently obsessed with them.

This week it’s the Flowery Crop SHIRTS.

That’s right.

Let’s forget tshirts for sometime, because I’ll be upcycling my formal office wear shirts into something that’s adorable and not-so-plain. An ah-may-zing DIY that everyone should definitely try!

Stay tuned to check out the insanely brilliant DIY tomorrow.

– Mosh. x

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Mosh Wear – The Floral Headband

Hey y’all!

I don’t think I’ll stop gushing about just how amazing everything floral is! It’s going to happen at least for this month.

And on such days when I’m all excited about spring time, I like to spruce up my outfit with a bit of my rebellious personality. Forget skirts and tops that would probably go very well with the outfit.

I’m talking cropped button-up shirts, floral printed pants, heels, rings (knuckle ones too) and the mega amazing DIY Floral Headband.




The outfit comprises of DIY Crop Shirt (the one where I got my tailor to crop it short and used hot glue gun to stick the felt flowers I got from Hobby Ideas) floral pants from UNI QLO, and a mini sling bag from the street shops.




Leave your opinion regarding this outfit and especially let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Here are the elements that make up the outfit and you can view the details on my Polyvore account.


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.11.03 pm


– Mosh. x


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Do It Yourself – The Floral Headband



Hey y’all!

“Florals. For Spring. Groundbreaking.”

Miranda Priestley’s sarcasm was probably lost on me when this DIY came to my mind!

But I don’t care at all because FLORALS!

Florals in tops, skirts, pants, accessories, as embellishments…. the list is an exhaustive one because I really do love them that much.

This DIY is the one I’ve been dying to do for a year, but couldn’t because… well… let’s just blame procrastination and be done with it! The floral headbands are still amazing to look at, wear and even gift people. I’ll be sure to make more for my friends who love floral crowns.

Want to make one for yourself and your friends? Oh. Here’s an idea! The BFF Floral Headband! Make the same for yourself and your friend and wear it proudly wherever you go!

So, here are the instructions to make it.


Post Template


Any thoughts? Because I’m most eager to hear them out!

– Mosh. x


Fabspiration of the Week – Floral Headpieces

Hey y’all!

Warm and hearty welcome to the Spring season of 2015!

Nothing gets me more excited than spring time and the celebration of flora and fauna. Not to mention, in Mumbai, spring time is a rather short, which is why I make sure I enjoy it even more. But I have plans to celebrate this year’s spring season even into summer time.

How, you ask. By DIY-ing lots of things that would remind me of the freshness of spring time!

And this week, it shall be the most beloved floral headpiece!

Floral headbands are girly, beautiful and not to mention the prettiest way to accessorise any outfit. Probably inspired by ancients Greeks and their olive head wreaths, the modern take is equally serene and stunning.


Stay tuned to check out the insanely easy DIY tomorrow.


– Mosh. x

Disclaimer: All images are properties of the respective owners. The images are used for illustration purpose only.


Mosh Wear – Knotted Rope Belt Feat. Viari Bag

Hey y’all!

Aye! Aye! Sailor!

That’s been my mantra for the week as you probably already know. Spring would usually translate (for me) into florals (big or small), big flow-y skirts, shorts and jumpsuits. But this summer I’ll be taking a different turn and improving upon my nautical collection because it has the right balance of girly, chic and tom-boy. That’s what I call a good style!

The outfit of the day also showcases one of the prettiest bags I’ve seen in recent times. It’s the Sailor Tote from the Santorini Collection of Viari, which is crafted from water repellent canvas (Hello? Mumbai rains? Where art thou?) and Cow Veg leather to trim it. It’s chic, it’s cute and it’s super light-weight so that should be an indicator to exactly how many things you can stuff inside your bag. Incoming: LOTS OF UNNECESSARY THINGS.


The outfit comprises peace lace dress from Forvever 21, a hand-stitched white lace skirt that my mother made, the DIY Knotted Rope Belt, Viari’s Sailor Tote, turquoise sandals from Steve Madden, and bracelet, necklace and ring stacks from Accessorize. The floral headband you can find in a few shops on Hill Road, Bandra. For those who do not live in Mumbai, Hill Road is our sanctuary for us fashion deprived souls.

IMG_6371 copy

IMG_6374 copy

It’s a resort ready outfit, and the one that you might wanna try out soon in one of your brunches with friends or evening tea parties!

Here are the elements that make up the outfit and you can view the details right here in my Polyvore account.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.51.00 pm

Also, my deepest gratitude that we now have an Styling Partner on board – Riya Jadav. Stay tuned for more info about her! Will be properly introducing you guys soon.

– Mosh. x