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Patches + Clothes – Fabspiration (2nd Edition)

Trailing after the first edition of beautiful patches on jeans that I posted back in 2014, the trend originally started with DKNY back in 2014 when Cara Delevingne wore them for their advert, and nearly every brand has adopted the patches into their collections, because they are just so cool!

Here’s the second edition of patches on clothing (mostly denim though), with more inspirations for you to get hooked onto and revamp your jeans that you would be thinking about trashing/donating! I’m highly inspired by the pop-art comic representation at the back of my jacket… Might just DIY it super soon!


Sources: Pinterest

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Pocket Embellishments – Fabspiration

It is a truth universally acknowledged that jeans are your best friends in the casual department of your wardrobe. And we often get influenced by “trending things” and buy a pair of jeans just because it has some embellishment that our other pairs of jeans don’t. And turns out, you don’t wear that pair of jeans as often as you’d think you would at the time of purchase. I call such purchases the “Fantasy Purchases” bought on the whims of a shopaholic mind that gets instant gratification on “owning something that we never had.” But let’s be honest. Jobs are rare, and I’m realising that my hard earned money is just as liquid as my economics professor once said and they do slip by my fingers just as easily as water does.

But I do like a change in my wardrobe, and temporary ways to upgrade it, sound very appealing to me. Since I’m in the mood for playing around with my jeans, a temporary stitching of patches, ribbons, rhinestones and other embellishments around the pocket region of the jeans seems like a great idea where my pair of jeans get to don a different personality and become more playful!


All images are sourced from Pinterest, my heavenly source of inspiration.

Hence, stitch your desired embellishments in a way that it doesn’t come off while wearing it, but once you’re bored of the look, you can easily remove them and bring the pair of jeans back to their original form, or make some other changes with it. I think it’s a fabulous temporary way to upgrade your jeans, without having to spend much!

Mosh. x


Fabspiration of the Week – Velvet ‘N’ Denim

Hey y’all!

This week is the beginning to something awesome because the DIY I have in mind for you is simply AH-MAY-ZING! It’s so bloody awesome, that it tops my charts for being an all-time favourite DIY so far. Like that good.

Let me first explain how the inception of such an idea came about…

Colour blocking is one of my favourite ways to experiment with outfits and recently I’ve enjoyed playing with textures, colours, etc. as you can see from my recent Mosh Says…, DIY Lace ‘N’ Plaid Shirt and DIY The BFF Tshirt.

And sitting inside my craft box is an old charcoal black pair of jeans that is dying to get some revamp done. And then throw in some velvet… Yes! I got the very best of my DIY projects ready to be proudly presented to you.

Stay tuned to see the DIY tomorrow!




– Mosh. x

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Kalyani Says… Balance Florals With Leather.



Sure, the winters seem a bit dull and gloomy, but we can always bring some florals out of the closet. Balance it up with leather and jeans, so the whole girly rock chic vibe comes to life.




Complete the outfit with other accessories such as ankle boots, combat boots, knee high boots, a pair of Uggs in terms of footwear. With bags there can be multiple options like messenger bags, totes, drawstring bags and cool backpacks!  

– Kalyani. x

Hailing from Mumbai, India but living in Canada, Kalyani is a guest blogger for M BY MOSH. To read more about her, click here.

And tell us what you feel about the outfit!

– Mosh. x


Fabspiration of the Week – Patched Jeans

Hey y’all!

It’s a wonderful beginning to October with this amazing DIY inspiration here, peeps!

Featuring one of my most favourite DIY inspirations so far, here’s the Fabspiration of the Week – Patched Jeans!

patch jeans

Totally going gaga over Donna Karan’s and Philim Lim’s take on “patch” jeans, I can’t wait to do this!

Any thoughts? How would you be inspired by this Fabspiration? Leave your thoughts, and I’ll be most eager to see!

Anyway, I love you guys and live fashionably ever after!

– Mosh. x