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Monsoon-Friendly Styling Tips: Do’s & Don’ts

What do I wear under my umbrella… ella… ella… eh… eh… eh…

Happy monsoon errbody!

The cold, the wet, the damp, the perpetual prune-y fingers’ season is here!

No, no. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t HATE monsoons. But I do find the above mentioned things really annoying. I do, however, look forward to the lush green roadsides, thoroughly washed roads, chai pe pakode and then jalebis, and wearing my RAIN BOOTS! It’s the one time I feel super happy: in my squeaky rain boots as I walk through every puddle on the road with a smug face thinking, “HAH! You can’t do shit to my feet, puddle!” Yes. I feel incredibly smug and happy in those times.

But this post ain’t about my monsoon rants… This post is actually aiming to prepare you in braving the dark monsoon clouds and how to triumph over them like a pro-fashionista, in full-on Bahubali swagger, ignoring the clouds that are now looming over all our heads.


That’s right. In this article, I’ll write about a few essentials you must have, how to master layering techniques specifically for rainy season, what fabrics to wear and what fabrics to avoid, what accessories to have and what accessories to stash away for the next few months, some tips if you’re wearing Indian outfits and a few links for supah cool raincoats, parkas, boots, and umbrellas you can buy! Shopping ki bhi season hoti hai kya (Is there a season for shopping)? Kabhi bhi karlo (do it whenever), and especially during sale time!

  • Essentials. Let’s start with the basics, yea?
    1. Raincoat. Duh.
    2. Hair ties / hair bands. Nobody like frizzy hair. Monsoon makes it even worse. So how about some hair ties to keep your hair in place and not allow it to misbehave?
    3. Cotton Scarf. Protect your face and neck from the monsoon winds.
    4. Rain boots (anti-slip). Forget your hole-y crocs. What if your feet gets infected or something with the dirty rain water? Get some boots please.
    5. Umbrella. And twirl it while you walk, please!
    6. Waterproof watch. Keep your phones in your pockets please (unless it’s water resistant like the new iPhone 7. My birthday isn’t here yet but I wouldn’t mind some cool gift yo). Plus, wearing a waterproof watch would be cheaper…


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Online Shopping Experience with Jabong.com

Hey y’all!

Happy Indian Republic Day!

And as promised at the beginning of the year about the fact that I would write about more than just DIY, here is to taking the first step towards fulfilling that promise by sharing my online shopping experience with Jabong.com, which is one of the major online shopping destinations in India.

Jabong.com comes with a wide range of fashion for men and women as well as a home collection. They have understood the power of a smartphone owning customer that generally visits their site, so they have an app as well to cater to the customers’ needs. Currently, they have this mega Oh My Jabong sale going on, which is definitely worth a glance wherein they have major sales and discount offers for everyone.

Therefore, being an exemplary consumer myself, I do love a good sale and I decided to buy some accessories off their website to feature on the blog, as part of the Mosh Wear outfits.

After filling up my shopping cart, I waited for the arrival of my precious goods.

*ding dong*

Yeap. As promised, within 14 days of ordering it, I received them all, well before on time. Kudos to Jabong.com for punctuality!

But when I looked at the packaging, I was a bit perturbed.



This was kind of not the packaging I was expecting from a fashion/home online company. Especially since the accessories I bought were very tiny and its dangerous to pack them inside a flimsy taped bag.

Regardless, I tore open the bag, and then I was a bit more happy to see what was inside.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.00.22 am



Classy little black box with a cheeky phrase; now that’s what I’m talking about. And I am glad to see that they believe in saving paper! Further into (re)discovering what treasures were inside this  little black box, I opened it to get some good news and then some bad news.

The good news first…




Another one of quirky quotes by Jabong.com was printed on the inside of the box, and it did make me smile a bit. And I smiled a bit more to know that all three of the accessories I ordered were there. So, headcount-wise: all present! The owl pendant I ordered had a bit of problem because it had come out of its plastic packaging, but it was no big deal since it had bubble wrap inside the box. Thank god for that!

The ring was in the best of conditions and really happy with the way it looks and fits in my finger.




Next was the owl pendant, so I checked that, and to my happiness, it was just as cute as the website mentioned it to be. And I figured out why it felt out of it’s chain. It was because the ring holding it together had come loose and it came out. Thank goodness for the pliers I keep at home so I fixed it up.





Now the bad news…

The earrings I ordered were damaged, with rhinestones missing. 4 of them had come off, and one of them was not even inside the packaging. The making of the jewellery was clearly very bad, and I was very put off with how the delivery department of Jabong.com did not bother to examine the product before sending it our way. Or maybe it was the ugly, flimsy gray plastic that was holding the box inside. Whatever the reason, I was very unhappy.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.28.37 am


And that’s why I made it a point to call up Jabong.com at their customer care hotline and got my complaint registered as well as the return order sent. So anytime in the next 7 days I can expect them to turn up again at my doorstep and refund me for this.
All I can say now after this experience is that, even though so far the whole return policy thing has worked quite well for me, I can’t be sure until this whole case is closed for good. Did any of you ever face such a scenario? How did it work out for you?

In any case, I am feeling a bit wary now and not sure if I want to order jewellery again online. Or clothing. Or cat images.


Wait, I can download those for free off Google Images.




Well, I hope it does give you guys some insight into how online shopping works! With Jabong.com especially.

Feel free to share your experience with me!

Love you guys. Like totes.

– Mosh. x


DISCLAIMER: The author of the post has written it just as she wanted to write it. It’s all a matter of opinion based on the shopping experience. Please no hate! xx


Edit 1st Feb, 2015: Yes. I got refunded. Yay.