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Monsoon-Friendly Styling Tips: Do’s & Don’ts

What do I wear under my umbrella… ella… ella… eh… eh… eh…

Happy monsoon errbody!

The cold, the wet, the damp, the perpetual prune-y fingers’ season is here!

No, no. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t HATE monsoons. But I do find the above mentioned things really annoying. I do, however, look forward to the lush green roadsides, thoroughly washed roads, chai pe pakode and then jalebis,ย and wearing my RAIN BOOTS! It’s the one time I feel super happy: in my squeaky rain boots as I walk through every puddle on the road with a smug face thinking, “HAH! You can’t do shit to my feet, puddle!” Yes. I feel incredibly smug and happy in those times.

But this post ain’t about my monsoon rants… This post is actually aiming to prepare you in braving the dark monsoon clouds and how to triumph over them like a pro-fashionista, in full-on Bahubali swagger, ignoring the clouds that are now looming over all our heads.


That’s right. In this article, I’ll write about a few essentials you must have, how to master layering techniques specifically for rainy season, what fabrics to wear and what fabrics to avoid, what accessories to have and what accessories to stash away for the next few months, some tips if you’re wearing Indian outfits and a few links for supah cool raincoats, parkas, boots, and umbrellas you can buy! Shopping ki bhi season hoti hai kyaย (Is there a season for shopping)? Kabhi bhi karloย (do it whenever), and especially during sale time!

  • Essentials. Let’s start with the basics, yea?
    1. Raincoat. Duh.
    2. Hair ties / hair bands. Nobody like frizzy hair. Monsoon makes it even worse. So how about some hair ties to keep your hair in place and not allow it to misbehave?
    3. Cotton Scarf. Protect your face and neck from the monsoon winds.
    4. Rain boots (anti-slip). Forget your hole-y crocs. What if your feet gets infected or something with the dirty rain water? Get some boots please.
    5. Umbrella. And twirl it while you walk, please!
    6. Waterproof watch. Keep your phones in your pockets please (unless it’s water resistant like the new iPhone 7. My birthday isn’t here yet but I wouldn’t mind some cool gift yo). Plus, wearing a waterproof watch would be cheaper…


  • Master Layering Tips. Because layering isn’t exclusive to fall or winter… duh… If you’re the practical types, just get one knee-length (or longer) raincoat of a versatile colour like black, navy or the transparent ones that are trending currently and wear it with all outfits. If, you’d like to experiment, however, then here are some layering tips:
    • A Skirt Outfit. (Keep the skirt knee length)
    • A Pants Outfit. (Wear full length pants only if you have rainboots to protect them. Otherwise opt for capri styles)
    • A Leggings Outfit. (Keep your top knee-length unless you have longer raincoats)

Skirt, pants and ethnic outfit combinations

  • Fabrics: what to wear and what to avoid.
    • Choose fabrics that dry off quickly and resist mud stains like light cotton, crepe silk and natural fabrics. Partially synthetic lycra, polyester and nylons are also good fabrics to go for.
    • Avoid denims, wool and other fabrics that are thick and heavy which will take a long time to dry in humidity, if it becomes wet.
    • Avoid leather and suede too. Moisture isn’t very friendly with those guys!


  • Colours.
    • Fight the gloom with hues of red, yellow and blue in your wardrobe. Feel the instant surge of energy and happiness that will go a long way to keep you energetic in the monsoon gloom!
    • Avoid whites. Otherwise they will cease to remain white…


  • Accessories.
    • Carry a light cotton scarf to protect your face and neck from cold monsoon winds.
    • Avoid wearing wet shoes continuously. Wet shoes that are worn without having been allowed to dry in room temperature tend to breed fungus and bacteria that can feast on your feet and cause infections. How’s that for the picture that was just conjured in your head?
    • Avoid wearing leather, suede, canvas footwear. No stilettos either, unless you want the monsoon water logging to damage it.
    • Water-resistant footwear are your best options, especially when travelling.


  • Indian ethnic.
    • If you’re wearing ethnic outfits, opt for shorter kurtas with leggings and ditch the salwar and long kurtas for now, unless you have an equally long raincoat to cover it.
    • If you’re wearing sarees, go for khadi sarees. Bandhani print and some other forms of printed sarees, when wet, can start running colours, and it ain’t time for holi yo.
    • Water-resistant kolhapuris in Colaba are your best bet to match your ethnic style!

[Shopping List IMG]

Here are 12 cool raincoats, water-resistant parkas, boots and umbrellas you can buy! Just click on the images and get all the info you need to buy them! Happy shopping!


Ciao for now!

Mosh. x

PS: My heart-felt gratitude to my friend Ankeeta, who brainstormed and gave essential ideas for this! More posts to follow regarding the monsoon season, so stay tuned.


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