15 Fantastic Things I Understand As I Turn 25

I read this article shortly before writing this post, which I found to be 100% relatable, but it so happens, that with every point, my mind just wandered and before I knew it, there were essays forming in my head about each point. Read on, because I think a lot of you might agree…

1. I find that the only drama in my life is on television.

There are a lot of toxic, dramatic and negative people in the world. I find their insatiable need to have drama, heartbreaks, and quarrels, extremely¬†draining. It’s been a while since I¬†realized that I¬†really don‚Äôt have time for all that and I have cut them out of my¬†life. The only drama that is in my¬†life now is on TV while I am¬†having dinner.

2. I’m great¬†with change.

Nothing is ever set in stone and I’m totally¬†okay with it. Growth and change go hand-in-hand after all.

“We all have changed our minds on who we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to look like and where we want to live. Someone once said ‚Äúlife is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.‚ÄĚ There is no set road map to my¬†life and I¬†have gotten over that.”

3. The only happily ever after is hard work (professionally and personally).

By now, I have realized that happily ever after is not the end of the story. It is the beginning and to keep it a happy relationship is only through hard work. I have accepted it as something more than singing a couple songs and trying on a glass slipper to find the love of your life. I have accepted that there are people out there that are fake, and dishonest. More importantly, with the end of each relationship (work or otherwise), I no longer feel completely hopeless. I take it as a stepping stone and a lesson in what did not work for me.

4. The world does not revolve around me (or anybody else, for that matter).

The world is not under my¬†control (or yours). Some of you may gasp at this, but that’s the way of things, since the inception of time apparently, and I forgot to get the memo until recently.

Each and every individual on this earth has a life of their own to lead. More than likely, they won’t¬†drop whatever they are doing to assist me, just like I¬†can‚Äôt do it for anyone else.

Sure there are family members and best friends, but I feel like I am more considerate when asking for favours these days.

5. My parents don’t make me say sorry (to them or to others). I say it on my own and I mean it.

At this point in life, I know that I have been wrong at least six million times.

When I am, I know when to apologize and admit that I have been wrong. I work it out with the person I have hurt and move forward. Knowing when my ego matters less than my relationship with that person, matters.

I have not been shown that consideration, though.

But it’s cool.

*snip snip*

6. I focus on the positive side of life, by choice.

When something bad happens to me¬†in life, I¬†always¬†look at¬†the bright side. There is no use in wallowing in my¬†own misery because 1) it does not fix anything and 2) like hell will I ever tag myself as a “victim.” I¬†have learned to take each awful thing that happens as an opportunity to learn, and fight back stronger than ever before. Because I can.

7. Family has become more important than friends.

Before, my friends were the most important thing in life. Family came in second and it was a chore hanging out with them.

(We’re talking like back in the days when I used to be a teenager).

Now, I¬†have a close circle of friends and many acquaintances, but I¬†prefer to hang out with my¬†mom on the weekend. I¬†actually prefer the company of my¬†family most of the times, because there ain’t nobody cooler than my penguin parents.


8. I have a filter for 99% of my thoughts (and not just for my coffee).

I am opinionated. Comes with being a strong woman. And it’s good to have these opinions. But, thankfully, experience has taught me in one way or the other I should not say them out loud all the time. Nobody wants my opinion (unless they ask for it). I have¬†realized that I¬†need to filter my¬†thoughts in most social gatherings. In fact, I¬†should get a trophy for how many thoughts I have¬†kept in my¬†head.

9. I’m more than¬†okay with being by myself.

Being alone is therapeutic. It does not mean I am an outcast or that I hate people. It simply means that I don’t need another person to keep myself occupied or happy.

10. I have started giving out my mom’s advice.

I am totally guilty of it: rolling my eyes during a lecture from mom.

Now, I find myself giving my friend the very same lecture over an afternoon cup of coffee. I hate to admit it, but what she said is true and now I have finally accepted it.

(I sincerely hope, my mother is NOT reading this…)

11. My career matters to me, even if it’s not for eternity.

I am responsible and I take my job seriously. It doesn’t matter if its something I worked my whole life for or something to pay my way through classes, I make sure I do a good job. Each and every boss has been an important voice on my resume when it comes to moving forward on my career path, so I take the time to do things right and efficiently.

12. I¬†expect the best in life because I’ve¬†worked so hard to get that outcome.

Everything I expect leaves me 100% satisfied because I put 110% effort. I have learned the life lesson that nothing is handed to me, I need to work hard for what I want. Resultantly? I life a 100% satisfied life already, that many wish to have (and I hope they realise that hard work is the only way, and they go get it!)

13. I set aside time for yourself to do absolutely nothing (meaning Netflix).

Unlike popular belief, I don’t¬†work myself¬†to death, because what is a life I’ve¬†worked so hard for if I¬†cannot enjoy it? I¬†have set aside time to enjoy some book reading, to nap or to catch up on my¬†favourite show… Seriously, I do.

14. I don’t find the need to get drunk to have fun (believed so since I turned 18).

The lines between getting drunk and drinking have blurred so much that the two vastly different concepts can’t seem to exist without the other! My¬†weekends don‚Äôt have to be filled with drunken adventures, a room full of sweaty dancing people or songs that are all about that bass. I¬†am happy with a glass of wine and some good friends or a couple beers in a laid back pub. It doesn‚Äôt matter if I am¬†‚Äúturning down‚ÄĚ for ‚Äúwhat‚ÄĚ or for Netflix, I¬†can still have fun. Plus, I’m naturally energetic bunny, I have fun ALL. THE. TIME.

15. Materialistic things make me smile, but they do not define what happiness means to me.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve had that many moments when I’ve truly felt happy. Even though the occasion splurge makes me¬†smile, it’s the little things in life that make me¬†truly happy.

And now that you’ve now reached the conclusion of this post, and find that you disagree with what I have written above, I have two words for you:¬†grow up.¬†


2 thoughts on “15 Fantastic Things I Understand As I Turn 25

    • Hey Gowri! You’re welcome, even when I’m not really sure for what, ahahha! But I hope you have a great life ahead! <3 I love your dedication to things that you love. :') Makes me inspired.


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