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Mosh Book Review – The Secret Of The Druids

The Secret Of The Druids by Christopher C. Doyle

The Secret Of The Druids by Christopher C. Doyle

I had to pick this up. After having read his previous books (with the exception of The Mahabharata Secret), once I pick up a book series, I have to know how it goes on. Here’s a snippet of the review, mainly discussing the plot, writing style and characters, my overall opinion and especially recommended age. The actual review isΒ here on my goodreads account along with other books’ reviews.

My major takeaway from this book was the main themeΒ of Druids, and a few other legends mentioned as well. Very similar to Dan Brown’s style of referring to myths and legends and deriving a story out of the mystery and fascination behind these legends, I was quite hooked into the story only because I wanted to know more. My knowledge in history/myths/legends is limited, and this book did well to quench the thirst to know more. Also, being one of the greatest mysteries of all ages, how can one avoid a book that weaves in the mystery that is Stonehenge?

Writing style.
I’m starting to see a recurring pattern in Doyle’s manner of writing; the similarity in his structure of writing these stories is quite obvious: lots of clues are dished out to the reader from the start of the novel, with seemingly no connections to each other, only to later on let the different pieces of clue fall into place, one by one. A clear, and concise way of narrating the story, in a way it was nice to know at least the method of how the story will unfold.

There are deaths/murders in the book, but from a descriptive point of view, it failed to chill me to my bones, making their “sacrifice” not worth it.

Recommended for the mention of the various mysteries/myth in the book. A great starting point to expand your knowledge!

Recommended Age.


– Mosh. x


Check out my Goodreads account to see what’s on my bookshelf, and check out the full original review here.


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