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Diwali Special Do It Yourself – White Shirt Decoration

Last week I found myself in THE hab, a haberdashery store in Bandra. To say that my time here was anything less than amazing, creatively inspiring and fun, would be a lie. The store is actually like Disneyland for DIY freaks… I kid you not.

It’s no secret that I love wearing what the boys wear, mostly because of the raw feeling of wearing something really boxy, and not just tailored to be boxy for women. Hence, in my workshop, I experimented with The Classic White Shirt, originally tailored for men, and turning it into a crisp Real Boyfriend Shirt.


In the history of fashion, the white shirt has appeared from time and again, be it in YSL‘s La Smoking Suit, Gianfranco Ferre‘s The White Shirt exhibit, the endless takes of other designers on this white shirt, or even your fast fashion produced ones; you gotta admit that the white shirt is here to stay, reappearing on the runway or the magazines in different avatars, from time to time.


For my project, I’ll decided to stick to my Indian roots, and give my Real Boyfriend Shirt a boho twist, with a mix of some mirror lace and some minimalistic decorative patterns done with USHA Janome Memory Craft 9900 and USHA Janome Memory Craft 15000.


So, girls, while I recount my DIY experience at THE hab store with you, why don’t you grab your boyfriend’s shirt (or father’s, brother’s, etc.) so we can get started with this amazing DIY project?

To introduce the store to you, after a good look around this sleek and fun haberdashery store, I realised it was a one stop destination for DIY lovers. From beads, to sequins, to stones, to laces and ribbons, and even craft materials and equipment, one does not need to venture out on the streets, all around Mumbai in this growing heat, that lead to various destinations to source out materials. Although, personally I’d go to my little store in Vashi (which is nearer to where I stay), if you’re around the suburban Mumbai and are looking for good quality art and craft materials for stitching and sewing, this is your main adda. The store is spacious and has a vibrant ambience that puts you at ease instantly, which is just one of the many other benefits of coming here.




When it was the time to do the revamping of my shirt, I brainstormed a bit with a few lovely workshop personnel present in the store, some colleagues and friends, and then settled on a clean yet fun design to go with for this shirt.


Using USHA Janome Memory Craft 9900, a clean minimalistic square decorative pattern enclosed the mirror lace on the cuffs of the shirt.


For the collar, I decided to go ahead and brand my creation onto the shirt and decorated it with my initials made on the USHA Janome Memory Craft 15000, which automatically creates this pattern within minutes. The lining of the collar was amped up with a simple basic white ribbon and chevron patterned stitch to keep in place.




I couldn’t believe how pretty it looked by the end of it, and now my Diwali has been well lit. I love the fact that my white shirt looks great, and it seems like it could very well be a part of my future “all-day” outfits! And I love that THE hab helped me create this and gave me an experience of a lifetime, which is unforgettable.

You guys rock, and I can’t wait for the next experience already!

Let me know what you think about this shirt revamp!

Also, have the wave of minimalism hit you yet and made you want to go minimal this Diwali? Because I, for sure, am. *wink*

Much love, Mosh. x





Shades: Tiger; Jeans: Bershka; Sling: Max Fashion; Watch: Titan Obaku Collection


Shades: Tiger; Jeans: Bershka; Sling: Max Fashion; Watch: Titan Obaku Collection; Shoes: DIY Burberry Shoes (link below)

DIY – Burberry Shoes

Picture Courtesy: Viraj Ramteke. Thank you tons! *high ten*


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