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Mosh Book Review – A Secret Revealed

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A Secret Revealed by Christopher C. Doyle

Hey y’all!

The last time I wrote on my blog, it was a review of The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret, and this time round, I’m here with a short review of the shortest read of my life A Secret Revealed. The book took a total of 35 mins of my time reading the front page, back page, and the contents.

A recommended read for those who like to drift away to the land of fantasy and mystery, continue to read my full review below.

Like the disclaimer said in the beginning of this mini book, it was a short read with only introducing the link between The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret and the major book after that The Secret of the Druids. The plot pretty much gave a quick recap of what happened previously, the current scene, and set the foundation of the next book with a “there is a mystery coming, you don’t want to miss it.” Divided in short 6 parts, I “chugged” the contents of this mini sequel in about half an hour.

Writing Style
Consistent with his previous books, and leaves obvious indications that “there is a mystery coming, you don’t want to miss it.”

The mysterious caller was introduced, but only briefly (not just because the book is short, but in general), and the author decided to save bits and pieces of information for his next novel, I’m guessing. Needless to say, the mysterious caller remained to be a mystery to me, and I guess we’ll know more about him in The Secret of the Druids.

It’s a book that links two books. So, I guess it’s a “must-read,” but you can otherwise get to read the whole thing online on the author’s website if you aren’t a big fan of paper and ink!

Recommended Age

Check out my Goodreads account to see what’s on my bookshelf, and check out the full original review here.

-Mosh. xx


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