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Armani / Silos

Hey y’all!

So I’m back this time with an amazing experience to share with you all – Armani / Silos.

Giorgio Armani is a gorgeous man who designs gorgeous clothes, and has created this gorgeous universe made of confident, sensual and effortlessly stylish people. The beautiful world of Armani, is a world that everybody aspires to be a part of. That’s the dream he sells, and that’s the dream I was sure would be presented throughout the museum.

So, with much anticipation and expectations, I (finally!) went to check the place out.

The place is stylish, the walls all Greige, the interiors so cool and elegant, just like the man himself. The ground floor and top floor showed videos about Armani, his designs, his collections, his life’s work and it simply blew my mind, and a tiny part of me definitely fell more in love with him. I can’t imagine the world of Armani without the man himself.

The clothing put on display on all four levels were some of the most iconic pieces over the years and all so very beautiful. I’m posting some of my favourites ones here for you to see.

However, the only thing a tad bit disappointing for me was the way the clothes were displayed. They were all beautifully categorised to show different themes on different floors, but the use of mannequins were strange. Invisible mannequins? Nope. Just, no.

As much as I love his creations, what makes them dazzling and amazing are the people who wear them in style and confidence. A few well picked mannequins with a body language that spoke the design language and the attitude of Armani would have been wonderful. It felt as if the personalities of those clothes were absent.

The way the accessories were displayed was even more of a shock, as if it was a high-end town fair. They were displayed chromatically across glass lit tables. Side by side. Gathered. Together. *shudders*

Come on! Armani accessories are legendary, and quite precious to the fans! Each of them should have been displayed with the clothes, given them more of a personality! This felt like a trade fair affair to me…

But seriously. Will you look at these clothes?!

I want Armani for my wedding gown (if I ever get hitched that is).

As for the souvenir shop, I’ll have to go there again and buy some gift items for myself and my friends, for sure. And I’ll take my camera and take better pictures of the space, the clothes and accessories on display. Loved the architecture, interior, the clothes, etc. But can’t say the same for the display.

For now, I’m happy this place is off my bucket list! Had a good amount of fun with my friends while getting intimate with the world of Armani, so it was an evening well spent for sure! If you ever visit this space, do share your thoughts with me!

Till next time guys!

Mosh. x



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