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How To Pack For Study Abroad – (Free Printable Checklist Inside!)

Hey y’all!

With an unsurmountable amount of happiness in my heart, I’m out here, declaring that I have been accepted to the only college I applied to for my further studies! I’m sincerely enjoying the fruits of my labour now, and that’s probably why my posting schedule has been a bit lax as well. I’m really sorry for not updating you guys with my DIY projects that I already have done but didn’t get the opportunity to post it! Will be rectifying the situation soon enough… *grins*

Anyway, now that I’m back on blogosphere, today’s blog post shall be interesting one since it’s the very first of its kind: LIFE ADVICE (of sorts!)



Yes, being the relatively organised person that I am, I like to plan ahead of major things that are likely to happen in my life, and in this instance, studying abroad is a BIG DEAL for sure. Even though the course is for a year, I want to ensure that with the 46kgs of weight that I’m allowed to carry, I’m not carrying unnecessary things when I did have the chance of packing things that would be useful to me. I’ve already had a bit of experience with studying abroad since I did my high school in a different country, staying in a boarding school and all, so I guess you could say that I’m far more well prepared for what’s to come this time round. So, if you’re a student who is also going abroad for studies, I hope this post on packing your bags doesn’t disappoint you!

Starting off, one of the most important things to remember when you’re packing is to FIRST pack what’s necessary, and then pack the add-ons.

Allow me to expand a bit on that…

1. Wardrobe essentials.


– Clothing. Always pack for the weather. If you’ll be leaving for the fall semester and have the chances of coming back home for your winter vacations, it’s always advisable to pack more of winter essentials than summer clothing. Those strappy dresses and tops won’t be seen under those layers of winter gear you know…

– Underwear. You’ll be thanking me for this strange (but wise) advice to pack underwear sets for at least half a month (15 sets) because you’ll understand why once you get there…

– Outerwear. Even though I’m off to a fashion college, I’ll be packing only what is essential: a different type of outerwear for different degrees of cold weather, and something that’ll go with all types of outfits (HINT: COLOUR BLACK). Do not waste your space at first by squeezing in insane amounts of jackets and sweaters. You’ll be living the life of a student, and not a socialite who’ll be clicked by the paps for your street outfits… Hence, do not waste all that space just as yet.

– Accessories. Being a girl, I completely understand the need to have numerous options for bags: clutches, slings, backpacks, totes, hobos, you name it. But I know for a fact that I’ll be so busy trying to build my career, I would’t have the time for such inanities. Hence, select what you’d need to carry to your college, or even weekend trips to nearby towns. Not to mention, pack a couple of shopping bags with you. In some places, they charge you for plastic bags when you’re buying groceries at the supermarket. That money saved could be used for another trip or a visit to the local tourist spot! Same rule applies for footwear, make-up and jewellery. Think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing there, and pack accordingly.

2. Stationary items.


It’s good to get a good supply of stationary items with you. A lot of time,money and energy will be saved when you’ll have everything you need at an arm’s reach… For leisure books, download Kindle on your phone/iPad/Kindle reader and carry digital copies. You’re saving a lot of space and weight to carry more important things. If, however, they are study related books, then go ahead and pack ‘em up. You’ll need those to graduate.

3. Utensils.


A basic cooking set is highly recommended. Microwave resistant bowls, a few forks and spoons, bowls, plates, sauce pan and frying pan. If you want a better list of this, then mother knows best… Really.

4. Bedding.


It’s good to carry two sets of bedding along with other stuff, because you’ll want to change it at least every week. Keeping your surroundings hygienic is very important and you’ll want your sleeping place to be fresh and clean after a tiring day!

5. Toiletries.


Carry with you what you’ll need for the first couple of months only. Carrying loads of liquid-filled bottles on flights can be a messy business and you don’t want the air pressure problem in your suitcase in the form of gooey stuff. It’ll take ages to get the smell of your bath gel out of those suitcases (even though it would smell nice) and drying it up.

6. Electronics.


In this age of technology, I don’t think we can survive without our phones, music players, laptops, e-readers, chargers, etc. Scroll down to see the complete checklist so that you don’t miss out on any while packing.

7. Medical emergency stuff.


It’s always better to be precautions than look for the cure at the time when you need one urgently. It’ll be nice to pack a few basic medicines from your first aid kit in case you need it. (If you’re wondering why I clicked a lotus for medicine’s picture then I should clear it up by telling you that Lotus is the symbol for pure soul, free of illnesses.)

Apart from the above mentioned, you may also want to take your planning procedure a step ahead and think/research about the following things that you may come across when you finally get there:

A. Wifi connection.

Where in that city will you find wifi that is freely accessible? If you have it in college and in your dorm rooms, then it’s best to get a mobile data pack that is ample for usage for the rest of the time.

B. Phone network.

You may want to research about what phone connections are most favoured by the locals an their services. You do not want to frustrated about not being able to call home/loved ones, or having other poor services.

C. Weather of the city till the time you come back again.

This helps with the packing of your clothing of course. Lot of the times, it’s easier to purchase a few things once you’re there too, especially if you’re moving from a warmer climate to a colder one.

D. Phone book.

In the case where you lose your phone (god forbid if that happens), it’s best to write all important contacts in a phone book and keep it. Do not wait till you lose your phone (again, I sincerely wouldn’t wish that even for my worst enemies) and then you have no one to contact immediately in the case of emergency. Actually, coming to think of it, I should have mentioned a scenario where your phone battery dies…

E. Miscellaneous items like the ones included in the list below. Yup. Didn’t think about those now, did you? *smug smile*

So that’s it! Would love to know what you think about this list, and if you have anything that I could further add to this, leave a comment! I like being prepared myself… So scroll down, and find the complete packing list checklist.

Happy packing and ciao guys!

– Mosh. x

Download your Packing-List_COMPLETE edition right here! It does make your life easier…

P.S. All images are originals.


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