DIY Apparel

Do It Yourself – Floral Crop Shirt




Hey y’all!

I promise this is the last of my Compulsive Floral DIY Syndrome… Really.


But I swear to you when I say that I saved the best for the last!

Florals inΒ button up shirts in a way that’s never been seen before, THAT HAS TO BE THE BEST DIY PROJECT SO FAR.

This DIY project was done last year when I was preparing for my final Major Studio Project for degree, and not I have the perfect occasion to share the project with you all, since I’m already ranting about putting flowers everywhere!

The idea started when I wanted to give my boring button-up office shirts and give them a wonderful day-time, playful vibe. I think this DIY project was the perfect way to upcycle the shirts and I can’t wait to see you all walking about with this DIY.

By the way, I bought the flowers from Hobby Ideas. Hobby Ideas can be found in most of the major cities, but if you don’t have one in Β your city, you can always buy fake flowers and use them too.

So, here are the instructions to make it.

Post Template

Any thoughts? Because I’m most eager to hear them out!

– Mosh. x


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