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Easy DIY Hacks – 4 Occasions 1 Crop Top

Hey y’all!

Here’s the thing when it comes to my wardrobe. Crop tops are the shiz. The coolest shiz. And most definitely my fav things in summer. So I’ve decided to go a bit nautical (just like it’s the trending thing this season) and will be styling it for different occasions! Trust me. You really want crop tops in your wardrobe.




For Brunch: Knee length skirt and a relaxed hairstyle sans pins and headbands. We all wake up fabulous anyways, so lets show off that mane eh?




For A Day Out: Jeans and shades, and you’re ready to face the heat! Braid it so that you avoid getting your hair tangled throughout the day due to wind and pollution. Maybe grab a light silk scarf while at it?




For Formal Evening: Fitted trousers, pull that hair up in a high pony tail and give your walk a bit of swagger. You’re ready to mingle at that evening soiree!




For A Night Out: Opt for a high-low skirt with some wacky earcuffs, and you’re good to go and sashay your way into that crowded club!




I honestly love all (duh!), but which one’s your fav?

– Mosh. x


All jewellery in this post are from NotJusTiaras. Will be giving out a better review post tomorrow about their jewellery. Stay tuned!


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