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Easy Do It Yourself Solutions – Permanent VS Organic Colours



Hey y’all!

Those of you living in India would know why I am hyper excited for what’s to come next week. YES. One of the major festivals in India, Holi, which is hands down my most favourite one, IS HERE!

Holi is the festival of joy, colours and vibrancy that is reflected in India’s rich past and boisterous present. Although the history of the festival is about the same as any other, it being “The Triumph of Good over Evil,” it still manages to be delightfully different from others in the way it is celebrated using colours, hugs, dance and music.

But with the amount of joy it showers on all of us, it brings with it self its own set of problems for us, namely: the issue of colour permanency on skin and the ways in which we could avoid it.

Honestly, as (an almost) veteran Holi participant, I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with those ugly shades of dark blue, green, magenta and black! It’s really annoying how it stays on your skin for almost a week, and sometimes even damages skin and gets inside your pores.

So here is a DIY Remedy to avoid the colour from setting permanently in your skin:

1. Take a generous amount of COCONUT oil and apply it everywhere. Including your tummy, ears, hair (scalp), etc. reason being, if you don’t apply to regions that are not exposed to direct contact like you belly (because they wouldn’t be lifting your shirts up to apply there!) the colour travels through your garment, especially when you’re being doused with water, and sticks to drier region.

2. Now after you’ve applied it everywhere, wait for about 15 minutes to let it to seep into your skin’s pores and prepare for the merciless onslaught of weird colours everywhere on your body. Coconut oil easily forms a very good protective layer over your skin, and you can take it as a guarantee from me that the colours will not stay. I managed to annoy a lot of sadists last year when they found out that not a speck of colour was found on my skin after a hot shower. So just be generous with the amount of oil that you apply on your body, and it will take care of the problem easily!

Having said that, have you guys thought about having an Organic Holi? Forget these permanent colours! Why not use organic mediums like Haldi (turmeric), Besan (gram flour), Henna, indigo flowers’ powder, saffron powder and Kohl (in bulk)? They all have unique colours of their own, and are quite good or neutral on skin! And I think that organic colours are an incoming tsunami in the near future of the consumerism world.

There are probably more ways to extract organic colours by yourself, so if you know any, why don’t you share with us?

– Mosh. x


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