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5 ways to make people LOVE your blog – Karen

Hi guys!

Whether you’re a budding blogger or someone who’s looking for new directions for your blog or website, all of us have one common age-old quest, and that is to get higher engagements and more people to be reading, and LOVING your stuff! So even though I’m probably not the first person you’ll think to ask, here are some easy no-brainer tips that you can implement into your content to make them way more interesting and attractive. 

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It’s cliché, but it’s also true. In this day and age, it’s easy for anyone to have their own blog or website and give praise to everything they see. But the ones who stands out, are the ones that are honest and genuine, with a relatable personality. Whether you’re all about fashion, food or DIY (like my lovely friend Shalini/Mosh here), it’s always good to share your unique viewpoint and take on subject matters. That’s what’s going to separate you from the herd!

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When it comes to traffic, anything that’s relevant to the hottest topics can help you get a boost because people are always eager to know more. For example apart from picking out the best or worst dressed at the Oscars, you can also do inspired outfits and projects that’ll show off your interest. When your content is relatable to your audience, people will start to notice and want to come back for more. Apart from sharing your views, always keep in mind what the readers can take away from this as well.

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Needless to say, unless you’re a full-time blogger or business owner, your blog or site is probably related and driven by your passion. And your passion will be the thing that drives you to go on when you’re having a writer’s block or some downtime. When you love what you write about, it’ll be easier for you to be in depth on the subject matter, and more persuasive too! 

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Nowadays people are heavily influenced by what they see visually, whether they know it or not, and a picture really do speak a thousand words. So throw in photos with some captions ON them, so what you’re trying to say will be impossible to miss. Also, for recipes, tutorials and outfit photos, a bunch of mood shots (photos that are aesthetically pleasing and looks like they came off of Pinterest) will help you go a long way. Hop onto Pinterest or your fave Instagram profiles to get some inspiration and get snapping!

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Nothing beats having fun while you’re working on something you love. Planning and being consistent is important. But when you feel stuck or under pressure to produce, always remember that it’s YOUR blog, YOUR hobby and what YOU want to share with the world, so wing it and have fun with it!

– Karen. x

Karen is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at helloabella, and hails from Hong Kong. To know more about her, check our guest bloggers page and her blog.


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