Mosh Wear – Velvetesque Denim Jeans

Hey y’all!

This week my mood is set for something elegant but grunge. Bed head, smudged smokey eye make-up, lush red lips, and black. You get the image…

And on such days I like how effortless and rebellious my style seems. Oh! And add some mid-riff flashing crop tops, and I preen like a peacock on the streets. This outfit is my style statement because it involves everything I love.

Gold. Black. Crop top. Velvet. Boots. Smokey eyes. Red lips.





The outfit comprises of black lace crop top and black leather and gold chain from Forvever 21, the DIY Velvetesque Denim Jeans, boots acquired from one of my countless street shopping sprees, and an infinity ring from Al’s Tattoo’s Accessories Shop.

The outfit is so very Grease and that makes it all the more loveable!

Here are the elements that make up the outfit and you can view the details on my Polyvore account.


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.30.50 pm


– Mosh. x


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