Mosh Wear – Lace ‘N’ Plaid Shirt

Hey y’all!

The outfit for the Lace ‘N’ Plaid Shirt DIY is here and I’m in a mood these days to really, really feature an understated outfit for you because we all have our lazy days don’t we?

And on such days I like toned down, uber casual outfits that needs very little effort to put together. That, pretty much, is basically me everyday. Give me sweatpants, hoodies, shorts, tshirts, and I’m set. Sometimes if I have to go outside and make an appearance once in a while, I throw on a plaid shirt over tshirts and I feel ready.

So this outfit is pretty much showing what I look like on my lazy days. (I’ve had lazier days, mind you.)





So I’m wearing a dull blue spaghetti top from Chicks, DIY Lace ‘N’ Plaid shirt which, before DIYing, was acquired from one of my countless street shopping sprees and a maxi skirt I stole from my mother because the colour is muted down to the exact hue I fell in love with.




Also, accessorising the outfit, is a pair of shades from Forever 21 (one of my favs!), a very pretty braided white belt matching with lace-y rubber-y slip ons (street shopping again!) and a ring from




The outfit is breezy, relaxed, and very comfy and I’d say that it’s the perfect outfit for a sunny spring day in Mumbai. Hah!

Here are the elements that make up the outfit and you can view the details on my Polyvore account.


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.30.05 pm


– Mosh. x


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