Fabspiration of the Week – Embellished Plaid Shirts

Hey y’all!

This week, as the winter draws to a close, and the spring is on its way, I feel that a bit of plaid is going to be the perfect pick of the week. It’s been quite sometime now that I have been wanting to experiment with plaid-esque patterns in DIY, and thanks to the ton of ideas that Vivienne Westwood (who is pretty much the Tartan Queen) has been imparting in the last few decades, all I can now see is: Flannel. Plaid. Tartan.

But what’s the difference between the three? Well, a bit of textiles classes back in college clarified this.

Flannel: a type of fabric which is made of wool or cotton mixed with some acrylic or polyester. It feels very soft and cozy.

Plaid: it is the type of pattern, often printed on flannel fabric, that is made of straight lines of varying sizes crossing each other perpendicularly to form “chequered patterns” or tartan like prints.

Tartan: is the the plaid pattern woven together (not printed) in Scotland mostly which signifies mostly Highland families and their political allegiances.


So the fabspiration of the week is embellishing on a plaid pattern. And DIY shall be an amazing one for sure.


embellished plaid shirt

Source of Images: Pinterest


– Mosh. x


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