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Easy Do It Yourself Solutions – Scratched Leather Jacket Collar

Hey y’all!

I am here with some some exciting news as I take great pleasure in introducing a new segment for the blog – Easy DIY Solutions.

This segment is unique and it focuses on common problems we face everyday like, a tear in your favourite top, a scratch on your favourite jewellery box, an about-to expire favourite eyeshadow colour, etc. and I’ll do my best in fixing these problems. Through this segment I will be introducing guest bloggers as well, whose blogs are highly inspirational, and not to mention, addictive.

Yes. This segment takes M BY MOSH’s blog content to another fun level to be sure.

And the first post for this segment will be dedicated to the beloved Leather Jackets.


Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 4.16.05 pm


Thanks to James Dean, the world now takes great pleasure in wearing leather jackets because he pretty much made them uber cool for everyone to wear. Literally everyone.





Be it a guy.


Celebrity: Benedict Cumberbatch

Celebrity: Benedict Cumberbatch


Or a girl.


Celebrity: Emma Watson

Celebrity: Emma Watson


Or a kid.


Celebrity: Alonso Mateo

Celebrity: Alonso Mateo


Or a dog.






Or a cat.



Source: Pinterest



Well, you get the point.

Leather jackets are lurve, to be sure. Which is why when something happens to my leather jacket, I’m inconsolable.

Until the moment comes when *light blub* – Eureka!

An Easy DIY Solution – Scratched Leather Jacket Collars.

Leather jackets, despite making you look effortlessly cool, a bit of effort on your part is a must to maintain these beauties. If it lasts for a long time, it develops a layer of patina that can only come with age. And I happen to love everything that is leather, therefore taking care of it is a must, and I especially have come to realise that ever since the collar of my jacket developed scratches. There are a lot of products that can be used to repair leather, but they are very expensive. This article on ebay is definitely useful for maintaining leather jackets.

However, my Easy DIY Solution is a bit more fashionable as well as practical.

The DIY focuses on adding a texture detail to the jacket to spruce it up as well as deal with the scratches. The jacket is a faux Leather jacket from Forever 21 (a bit more than 2 years old) and here are the steps to revive it.


Post Template


I’m not a leather expert to be sure, but I have a feeling that this DIY is a great way to ensure that the collar does not get damaged again, since I use a different fabric around the neck.

Leather and velvet. I do love this combo, and can’t wait to wear my beautiful jacket again.

– Mosh. x


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