DIY Apparel

Do It Yourself – The Chinese Collar

Hey y’all!

The DIY of the week is The Chinese Collar, more technically known as the Mandarin Collar with the silk knots. Not to forget, the Chinese New Year is coming, in exactly a month’s time, hence, this DIY!

The DIY is more illusionary, than technical, so it gives the appearance of the silk knots acting as buttons, when it isn’t. The whole point of this DIY was that I have way too many simple black tops that were calling to be revamped, and I had scraps of lace that were dying to be used. Hence, this DIY. All I needed to do, was find an appropriate placement of lace, and wow! The top does look more glamourised, and I believe the lace did not go to waste as I originally thought.

So, here are the steps to the DIY – The Chinese Collar.


The possibilities of this DIY are endless, really, in terms of using a scrap of lace on a plain tshirt. So give this DIY a try!

– Mosh. x


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