Welcome Back, Dearies.

Hey y’all!

Before I forget, Happy New Years to you all lovelies!

I know. I’m almost a month late. But you know what they say: better late than never! So…


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 5.06.01 pm


First things first, I am back with fresh meat (so to speak) after a sabbatical had to be taken.

Like. It was a must.

I wanted to work, but something in my head told me to take a break so I can have fresh perspective on things…




Therefore, I did get into the contemplative mode, and here is the summarised version of it.

This past year has been a true blessing to me in so many different ways:

1. My blog started out,

2. I graduated (official suffix to be added is B. Des.) *does a victory jiggle wiggle*, and

3. I finally took a vacation from studying after 3 years!




Phew! 3 years is a loooooong time to be studying non-stop…

Even for me.

Now that I’m back to blogosphere, I thought a few tweaks here and there on the blog would be a very welcoming change! This last year I have been actively learning from the way I blog, or the way others blog, so we can safely assume that Mosh has some new tricks in the bag…




The most obvious of all changes on this blog, is the appearance, that has changed dramatically, to suit the blog’s view point and DIYs more effectively. And the most obvious reason of all:

*the following words might just change your life*

“Achromatic can never go wrong.” – Mosh.

Having said that, one more thing that can’t go wrong is when M By Mosh will be dedicated to more than just DIY posts from now on.

As a blogger, I solemnly swear to connect with more people online and write beyond just DIYs (this is my New Year Resolution by the way). Now this means, I’ll be more interactive on this blog, commenting away; basically (and hopefully) it will start to resemble a (peaceful) boardroom meeting of creative people connecting on a whole new level of creative talking about creative things!




Does that make sense?


I hope this makes it clear.




Just kidding. Moooooving on.




The blog now has a brand new avatar, looks pretty and (hopefully) more eye-catching, so feel free to scroll down and check out the site. For those who have seen it all, sit back and relax cuz I have some amazing posts lined up for you all!

And one of them will be about some of the things I learnt as a blogger! So maybe that will help you as well if you are one too! :)

Till then, peace out!

– Mosh. x


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