Mosh Wear – Slit-Back Cami Top

Hey y’all!

Featuring my most favourite Cami Top in my wardrobe, as well as this week’s DIY – Slit-Back Cami Top, here is the lovely top in two outfit styles.

The first is with a pair of shorts, because clearly, if your legs are that good, you gotta show it man!

IMG_9812_1 IMG_9818

The second outfit is with a pair of glazedย charcoal black leggings, and again, the legs look too good!


But the point of this outfit post ain’t about Le Legs (even though that seems like the main attraction!) but it’s about the versatility of the top style. I’m sure they’ll look great with a body skirt as well; or can be worn as an added piece to a sleeveless dress or spaghetti noodle-strap dress!

Now as for how I made the detachable bow, here’s how you make it:

1. Take a piece of fabric and sew it to make a tube.

2. Turn it over so the sewing is on the inside and align it to make it run in the centre.

3. Start gathering it in the centre as shown.

4. Tie it with a rubber band to make a bow and fix a safety-pin to attach it anywhere you want!


Now show me what yours looks like!

Till then, DIY away and live fashionably!

– Mosh. x


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