Mosh Wear – Side Slit Midi Dress

Hey y’all!

For this week’s outfit, which is based on the DIY – Side Slit Midi Dress, I styled them in two ways.

1. Magazine Style: Laden with beautiful Rajasthani bangles, white carved-out earrings,ย silver antique rings, white lace shrug and a white stole, the outfit is eye-catchingย and very beautiful.



2. Everyday Look: This isย a lovely Hot Summer Night outfit which isย paired with only a pair of earrings, and a silver antique ring. This is your go-to outfit, whether it is brunching with friends or going for aย relaxed dinner at a quaint little outdoorsy restaurant with your loved ones.


Well, I’d love to hear what you have to say about the two styled outfits, so leave a comment!

And live fashionably, y’all!

– Mosh. x


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