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Do It Yourself – Patched Jeans

Hey y’all!

As promised, this week’s DIY just looks tough, but it’s actually super easy and amazing! <3

Inspired by the patched jeans that Donna Karan designed or even the Philip Lim ones, I’m so happy I could DIY this, and that too with surprisingly less expenses! The patches could be bought in any fabric and accessories stores near your place, and as for the jeans, maybe it’s time to revamp those old jeans that have been collecting dust all these years!

So here are the instructions for the fabulous DIY!

Post Template

That’s it! Stayed tuned for outfit posts on this, because this week, we won’t be having just ONE outfit post, but TWO! (*gasp*)


So lots and lots of love for you all, and live fashionably!

– Mosh. x


3 thoughts on “Do It Yourself – Patched Jeans

  1. My daughter is into this stuff now, and she is going to love this DIY craft. Going to try it out next time she has friends over.

    Love the blog. Good luck carry on being awesome!!


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    • Hey Anne! I’m so glad she is! I started out because of my mother too! She used to make lovely outfits for me when I was younger, and still does because she is the one that sews and I’m the one who uses a glue gun! haha!

      Jokes aside, I’d love to see what your version looks like! There are so many other variations of this, but I loved the DKNY version the most. :)


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