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Do It Yourself – Bow Heels

Hey y’all!

Hope you had a great week! I could have had a great week except, I’m down with fever and cold. *sob* *sneeze*

Which is why being bed-ridden has me come up with another DIY of you! A DIY that hardly takes 15 mins, it’s a great makeover for your old pair of heels! And you can do it even sitting on your bed, because “the doctor asked you to rest and nothing more.” *rolls eyes*

I hate getting sick. *sigh* Anyway.

Presenting to you, DIY: Bow Heels!

diy bow heels

And here’s how you’d do it!

Enjoy and may you live fashionably ever after!

– Mosh

P.S. Adding as a postscript, a huge thanks to Kreative Photography for the photography!

Post 3


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